The core ideology of our firm which revolves around the safety, punctuality and satisfaction of our valued client has given us a direction a goal to strive for, it is indeed an immense apprehension for all our management, to adopt measures in accordance with the changing scenario which meet these lines and this is the reason why “Manchester mini-bus hire” is known, trusted and relied upon by our valued customer whenever they go on a journey. We make no-compromise on our core ideology because we are well aware of the fact that benefit, satisfaction of our client is our firm advantage in all ways and if we don’t then we’ll be left stranded on a sinking Titanic. This awareness is common to all successful business enterprises and being one of them, makes it our due responsibility.

Our fleet includes 8 to 12-Seater Minibus is ideal when our client desires to go on a family trip or when catering to a vital client for some special occasion. 14 and 16-Seater Minibus are the preferred picking for Stag and Hen Nights and even Weddings. 24, 33, 49-Seater Coach is primarily chosen for field day trips including large industries, factories, historical places, entertainment and adventure parks.

All our vehicles are equipped with GPS (global positioning system) for accurate and efficient navigation to the desired location, this is merely the device used an assistive tool by our driver. Side by side we have a total package of entertainment in our vehicles it includes LCD screens, DVD compatible with USB, memory card, Ipod, mobile extensions, thus allowing the client to play their own playlist or a movie which they want to see or hear. Furthermore the interior and exterior of the vehicle is kept neat and tidy and a thorough cleaning is conducted after every trip. We keep a strong check over the wear and tears of vehicle and get them repaired, fixed on emergency basis by professional mechanics if they have some problems. Moreover we have a mandatory vehicle safety test exercise which is conducted before the vehicle is to be used by our clients. In the test we make sure that the vehicle is in a healthy state to travel and if it’s not, it fails the test and that vehicle is abandoned for any kind of use for business purpose until the problem is rectified. After the fixing of the problem the safety test is conducted again and the cycle repeats.   The sole purpose of this test is the safe, easy travel of our clients without any unwanted delays.

We have specific criteria prior to the selection and employment of the driver. Primarily they must possess all the legal documents which allow them to drive. Secondly their driving skills are tested on track with various vehicles and varying conditions.  Lastly their thinking power, patience level is tested in order to make sure that they take best possible decision in available resources and respond in an appropriate manner. Once the driver is appointed he works in an environment of strong check and balance so that his performance do not deteriorate. Conclusively our motto is to provide our client with the best and nothing less, so that our client remember us in their good books.


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